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Home Cleaning Kit

Home Cleaning Kit
Home Cleaning Kit

29.99 (35.99 Inc VAT)
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Product Code: HCKIT

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Pink Microfibre Cloth

Yellow Microfibre Cloth

Green Microfibre Cloth

Blue Microfibre Cloth

Extendable Handle

25cm Mop Head Frame

Eco Microfibre mop

Home Cleaning Kit includes:
1 x Blue Microfibre Cloth
1 x Green Microfibre Cloth
1 x Yellow Microfibre Cloth
1 x Pink Microfibre Cloth
1 x 25cm Mop Flat Head Frame
5 x Eco Microfibre mop
1 x Extendable Handle

These microfibre cloths are a marvel! The different colours means you can colour-code the areas that you clean, splitting up the toilet areas from kitchen and household dusting etc. These cloths are great for cleaning up spills, dust, dirt and grime.

Also includes a complete mop set: An extendable handle (98cm-181cm), a 25cm Flat mop head frame and 5 mop microfibre pads. Massively cuts down on the need for chemicals...

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