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Protectakote Floor coating

Why should you choose Protectakote?

ProtectaKote used as a Bedliner is the easy way to protect and improve safety. With no mixing or blending required, it can be easily applied to almost any surface including metal, concrete, wood, fibreglass, plastic and rubber leaving an attractive textured anti-slip finish that is resistant to impacts.

ProtectaKote used as a Bedliner will not chip, flake or peel and is resistant to damage from petrol and most chemicals and solvents. It can withstand years of heavy duty use. There are many places on cars and trucks where Protecta-kote can make a huge difference not only to the safety of the vehicle, but also to prevent damage and rust. With its unique and attractive textured finish it can also greatly enhance the look of hard working vehicles.

If you purchase the kit, the pack contains everything you need to cover a typical van bed (up to 6sq m) with 4L of paint for two coats. For big vans like a big transit we recommend to buy an extra litre of bedliner paint.

The UVR version is not only much more resistant to the effects of weathering but is also 40% stronger, with half the drying time so making it ideal for really tough applications such as areas of high wear or areas subject to long term weathering.


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